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About us

About Us

Emergency Restoration is an emergency water damage restoration company serving the greater metro Atlanta area. Emergency Restoration specializes in helping residential and commercial clients recover from water damage. When sudden water damage strikes, clients can count on Emergency Restoration for the very best water damage repair and restoration. Emergency Restoration also specializes in mold remediation. Mold can quickly form after water damage; in some cases, it takes only 24 hours for mold to start growing in a damp environment. Mold can be a serious health hazard, which is why it’s important for clients to immediately call Emergency Restoration for water damage assessment, mold remediation, and reconstruction. Emergency Restoration is a one-stop water damage service that specializes in lightning-fast restoration. Our water damage services include mold remediation, reconstruction, air quality testing, and more. As soon as Emergency Restoration is called to a client’s home, the experts work hard to identify the client’s risk for mold from water damage. By engaging in the most advanced air quality testing, Emergency Restoration makes it possible to stop mold at the source. The contractors at Emergency Restoration remove water damage from the home, while their mold remediation specialists quickly address any molding issues associated with water damage. Finally, the contractors at Emergency Restoration rebuild any damaged areas in the building, leaving a client’s residence or office looking as good as new. For clients who have have water damage in their home or office, don’t wait to get it treated. Contact Emergency Restoration today at (877) 229-8880 for emergency water damage restoration.