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With most water damage companies, they’ll only come into your home or office to remove the water damage and resulting mold growth. That means you might be left with holes in your wall, roof, floor, or anywhere else where you experienced water damage and mold removal. That is, unless you call on the experts at Emergency Restoration of Atlanta, GA.

Reconstruction Based On Your Needs

Emergency Restoration is a one-stop water damage service that specializes in lightning-fast restoration. Our water damage services include:
• Mold remediation
• Reconstruction
• Air Quality Testing
Our contractors remove water damage from the home, while our mold remediation specialists quickly address any molding issues associated with water damage. Finally, our contractors rebuild any damaged areas in your home, leaving your residence or office looking as good as new.
That means you won’t be left with any holes in your home or office – in fact, you’ll hardly realize that the water damage was there to begin with!

Insured and Proven Water Damage Experts

Emergency Restoration works with most homeowners’ insurance companies. If your policy covers water damage associated with weather, accident, or any other incident, let us know – we’ll work with your insurance policy to get the costs of your reconstruction recovered.

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